Top – 5 countries for weddings abroad


In the last century, no one could not think of holding wedding abroad . But today, it’s all in accessibility, there is a will and money. People consider holding the wedding abroad – a fantastic and romantic moments, which sinks into the soul for a long time. But it is worth remembering that this wedding will be held not in a style both in Russia, and will be deprived of many nuances that could be undertaken on a conventional wedding.

The following briefly describes the top – 5 countries that are best suited for weddings:

  • Dominican Republic – it is really a heavenly place where Skopje best beaches, forests and mountains. This is a very romantic place, which is famous for such places like Puerto Plata, Bavaro, Pointe Cana. Summer is here year round, potomv celebrate a wedding any time possible. Wedding Diminakano cost about seven thousand euro. Basically, the price of a wedding celebration depends on the hotel and your desires, rental boats and a script. People like white sands, clear sky and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Another great place for a wedding is in Venice . Yes ive general Italy – this is an unusual country in which it is impossible not to fall in love millet. Places where Romeo and Juliet were born imbued with romance and love. That is why all Russian couples wish here to spend their wedding. Honeymooner attracted here beautiful places, hospitable people, great blue-blue sky, architectural monuments and ancient palaces. Venice ideal for newlyweds who want to experience something unusual and new. As recommended tour operators, is the most successful time for weddings is between April to May and from October to November. The approximate cost, which will need to spend on a wedding in Venice – it is five thousand euros.
  • Thailand – a place where you can feel really good. Wedding in Thailand is the best option for people who are close to the exotic. Nature pleases the tourists by air clouds. Fine hotels and restaurants, unusual cuisine, golden sands, beautiful flowers and cliffs. In this country still managed to preserve ancient history and tradition, so the wedding can be done according to the customs of the Thai people. The best time for the celebration is the period from autumn to spring. It will cost a celebration in Thailand no more than four thousand euros.
  • Prague – another excellent venue for celebrations. This country people value as a historical, because this is where you can admire the palaces and castles, such as the Old Town Hall, Karlstejn, Clementinum. In any of these establishments, you can spend your wedding. These palaces are really beautiful, but they attract tourists live music. The main advantage of the wedding in Prague is a low cost, approximately two and a half thousand euros. In addition to this amount includes airfare, room rental, photography, accommodation for five days, and paperwork. But if you want to invite your friends, then for each person will have to pay five hundred euros. The holiday season in the Czech Republic is the period from April to November.
  • Greece – completes the top 5 countries for a wedding celebration. It is here very romantic and spiritual, since the present is intertwined with ancient customs and traditions, which is what makes this country so popular . Honeymooners are attracted to the sea, the mountains, and the whole of nature in general. Here you can find rare plants and origins of architecture. To celebrate his triumph in Greece will have to spend at least three thousand Euro.

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