Sex between friends: the gap, check the relationship or moving to a new level?

Friends with benefits: check the relationship or moving to a new level?


Supporters of the opinion that between a man and a woman can be all sorts of feelings, but friendship, exactly the same as those who claim that not only the love and passion can link them. The debate is endless, no winners and losers. There are stories where a guy and a girl – real friends, without manifestations of sexual direction. But in the life of some of the girls he had sex with a friend, and it is also a reality, deny that it makes no sense. Why is it so happens that could trigger or reason for what happened, what the consequences might be after the incident? Let us reflect and consider all possible options for the development of a situation where sex between friends has already happened, and think about what could serve as a trigger for it.


  • What sometimes leads shower kinship
  • What can all lead
  • New look: The spark will kindle a flame
  • What to do if you are satisfied with the friendship more love

What sometimes leads shower kinship

About friendship is no accident say it is a kinship of souls. It seems to be logical that the relatives we can experience the hottest and deepest feelings, it is absolutely devoid of sexual coloring. In fact, more than half of people connected by ties of friendship, at least once felt attracted to each other. Moral principles can not become a limiting factor if the two persons, consisting to a certain point only in friendly relations, transferred them to another plane. In fact, if every one of you is not bound by loving relationship with someone else, that the poor may be that you are in a much more intimate relationship with another? Let’s face it.

  • A moment of weakness – a snap

You are a child were side by side, together grew, developed, played and fought, you have so much in common that you can to the nearest hundredth catch mood swings each other. He wiped your tears when you left the first failed love. You try to remember the names of his girlfriends. Jealousy – an unfamiliar feeling for your relationship. And now this! Not clear there is only one thing: how it all could have happened to you?

  • Alcohol

Correctly say: “Drink, kids, milk.” Trite but true – it is much safer. All, like, started as usual. You will once again meet to share news SKOPJE, gossip, watch the latest released filmets, a drink or two. But at some point, things went differently than before. Whether the cups were more or something else. Now we have what we have. Sex with a close friend – it is now an accomplished fact between you.

  • Old commemorated

You used to be in ancient times were a couple. Separated, while remaining friends, as we should do all civilized people. You really great priyatelstvuete passion left your heart, seemingly forever. But the stars came together at a certain angle, clouded his mind and wanted to revive old or something else – and there you are!

  • Health should be protected!

You guy friends do not spill water. You also then combines that everyone is not stable and regular personal life. But we are all adults with normal needs, including the sexual. You have nothing to hide and dissemble, you can relax and be myself. Until that complain about the lack of regular orgasms. A friend will not refuse to help.

  • Having nothing to do, or when bad head resting hands does not give

Not the best option of the situation. Strangely, even that the two friends did not find anything better than having nothing to do to make love. Sex with a friend in order to dispel the boredom? Someone is using someone to unwind and not be bored. Once it is on the use of pull. Are you sure it was before your friends have?

  • It is necessary to know exactly, and can be friendship between M and M?

Curiosity – the feeling is very ambiguous. There are situations where it is useful and necessary. And there are other situations. If anyone of you wants to know what is in each bed, you decide what happens, it should be before you were in it, not after. No wonder there is a saying that curiosity is not a vice, but a large disgusting.

  • When it is simply convenient

You did not really friends. Rather, the shortstop. Useful to each other. As sexual partners, without relations and obligations. We met, we learned how to do, slept and fled again, pleased with themselves and each other. And it’s not called sex between friends. More such relationships fit the format of just sex. Everything here can be very fine and good. Until that moment, when one partner does not fall in love with each other and do not want the development of future relations. In other such ideas can not be at the same time at all.

What can all lead

Psychologists say that most people experience negative feelings of friendly sex, especially if he misses the last example. Pangs of conscience, awareness of suffering from guilt, shame, fear and surprise are often stronger than the desire and the pleasure experienced. Especially if the latter did not happen. These negative emotions lead to the fact that most of the friends of the opposite sex friendship stops, but not because they become a couple, and even break communication. Rarely who manage to get out of this situation, maintaining friendship.

Uncertainty at the thought of what will happen next, immerses already “non-friends” in some confusion. We are all victims of certain rules, principles and stereotypes. Friendship does not mean sex. How to act now, when passed the point of no return? Even when it is sex with the former the man who later became a friend, it would be desirable to achieve certainty as quickly as possible. Here he was the guy, then another, and now it is me who? The head can easily go round. It is necessary as to whether this is all old feelings or left broke as soon as possible to understand unchanged. And to find out from the men of his point of view on what happened. Ideal – if your opinion on what happened coincide.

New look: The spark will kindle a flame

To deny outright the possibility of the birth of love should not be. It is not always sex between friends leads to a loss of friendship and the breakdown of relationships. Sometimes this stage to go into a new relationship. In fact, why not? You experience each other a sincere and genuine sympathy. You trust him like myself, and he does similarly. Respect and perception of partner for what he is, and the opportunity itself is not afraid to be herself – it’s just perfect for the development of romantic relationships. And if you come by temperament and, as they say, size, being together in bed … Why are you still in doubt in the fact that everything that happened – for the better?

What to do if you are satisfied with the friendship more love

What if, after a sober analysis and impartial assessment of the situation you realize that sex is sex, but you are more valuable and dearer friendship, the transition to the new love relationship you are not interested, and to make friends and “sex” at the same time you do not know and you do not want to learn? Several options, and some of them you are sure to help out:

  • Jokes aside

That is, on the contrary, of course. While being mindful not to touch her yet still more friend, get out of the situation with humor. Tell him that your friendship is now recognized as an official, having undergone such a test, and with peace of mind, you can be friends in the future. Kohl happened under the influence of intoxicating, that promise more so do not get drunk in his presence. And most importantly, do promise.

  • I am not me, the horse is not mine

Complicated recipe, especially for emotional natures. Wear a mask of impartiality and pretend there was nothing, the strength is not for everyone. After all, it looks natural easiest if this is the case actually. Well, as someone said, it would be easy? We’ll have to make an effort to rectify the situation and send it to your direction.

  • Give yourself time and he

You can take the initiative, and you can not do. Take time out to breathe and just go with the flow, avoiding dating for a while with your friend, with whom you once were noted in bed. You find it hard to see him to such an extent that you even for calls not want to answer, even though it’s been enough time? Perhaps this suggests that the friendship is over, as it is sad to admit.

Whatever style you choose behaviors eventually, be sure to know and take into account the opinion of the other side. Trite but true: at another person’s head, you can not climb, and mind reading your nature does not have the capacity. On the other rights you have reason to go to a frank conversation, and he can count on the sincerity and honesty on your part.

Human feelings, emotions and relationships based on them are often so closely intertwined that to understand the difference between them is not always possible. Where does friendship and love begins? How do you know that you ruled by passion and sexual attraction, not love? For this we need a good understanding of yourself, to be able to hear their inner desires and needs. That’s not all. There should be a desire to feel the people around you. And especially – loved ones. You also probably do not care about their peace of mind! In any case, the situation with a happy ending will turn out only if your wishes will have the same direction or else different, but you have the wisdom and ability to negotiate with each other. All this certainly is, otherwise you probably would not have been friends!

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