Romantic evening for two under the stars



Here came the long-awaited day. You finally – we decided to confess his feelings to the beloved. By taking this important step you need to think carefully not only the recognition of the word, but also a place in which will be held this romantic event. After all, maybe in the future it is this girl will be the companion of your life, and the story of how did your love, you will tell your children and grandchildren.

A perfect place for a romantic evening can be the roof of your home. Since ancient times, people drew the magic of a starry sky. The stars lies some mystery, which we humans still can not solve. Starry sky beckons beauty and fulfillment of promises cherished desires. Therefore, the roof is great for a declaration of love.

On the roof of the house, you can arrange a romantic dinner and invited pre musicians or just  buy an amateur telescope  , and to arrange on the roof of the observatory. And you can quite successfully combine both. The main concern with due attention to even small things. The first step is to determine the day of your event. After the clouds, or clouds can not give you a chance to watch a favorite on  constellations  and comets. Of course, the weather forecasters are wrong sometimes, but still – it is better to see the weather forecast for the day in advance.

So, during the day and a place for a romantic date undecided. Telescopes today is not a problem. But as the favorite lure to the roof without telling her about the surprise prepared. This problem is easily solved. Send her an official invitation, but that would be sure that it will take him seriously hire a taxi or horse-drawn carriage. Of course in this case the carriage preferable. Prepare a light dinner on the roof. You do not need to do anything unusual enough fruit and champagne. Invite musicians, but if you want to be alone, then just turn on soft music. That’s all a romantic evening for you and your sweetheart is ready.

Perhaps you are lucky and for you that day fly by  the comet . But in any case, be aware that at the moment, when you watch the stars, she would rather believe what you say that to her, and you pull out the moon.

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