Can I have sex during menstruation?

sex during menstruation


The attitude to sex during menstruation in a modern progressive society varies widely.

Nowadays, sex during menstruation can not be held virtually no risk to healthy and armed Knowledge monogamous pairs.

Long ago women even temporarily isolated from society because it was thought that the bleeding may attract wild animals, endanger the whole tribe or village. In some cultures, it was decided to grant a woman with menstruation special magical force, capable of inducing the evil eye, damage or disease.

Until now, the religious injunction prohibits male representatives of Judaism and Islam to engage in sexual relations with a woman during menstruation. Prescriptions for orthodox Jews is to abstain from sex as during menstruation and the next seven days. A woman is considered “unclean“, so any closer to it is prohibited. Following the deep-rooted in the minds of standards, many believe abstinence during menstruation inviolable rule.


  • Constraints and stimulating factors
  • Arguments in favor of sex during menstruation
  • Arguments against sex during menstruation
  • Basic rules and recommendations

Constraints and stimulating factors

The issue of sexual relations during menstruation sooner or later becomes relevant for all pairs. A considerable role in this issue played especially sexual activity partners and well-being of women. Only 25% of women do not experience pain during menstruation. About 7% is very difficult to tolerate this period, and even forced to adhere to bed rest. There are several factors that can both restrain the desire of men and women, and to enhance physical attraction during menstruation.

Factors “inhibition”:

  • Poor health in women, men care about them;
  • Shyness women, a sense of “uncleanness”;
  • Aesthetic considerations and disgust, repel someone one or both partners.

Gain Factors:

  • Sharply increased sexual desire in some women, attributable to the individual physiological parameters (during menstruation in large quantities allocated hormone estradiol, enhancing sex drive);
  • For men, menstruation often is a symbol of femininity, the epitome of femininity and the ability to respond to a kind of primitive instincts.

Arguments in favor of sex during menstruation

In many partners (mainly women) and the use of pleasant sensations from sex during menstruation outweigh the potential harm. Sexual intercourse is capable of:

  • Relieves pain and irritability. During orgasm, the uterine cramps may reduce her edema, so the pain goes away.
  • To reduce the amount of blood discharge. Having sex (especially with a strong orgasm) can accelerate the completion of menstrual bleeding. The body will be released from the endometrium, which must be separated for the menstrual cycle. When sexual intercourse is produced natural massage of the uterus, it begins to decline faster and get rid of all accumulated in it. Accelerate exfoliation of dead cells of the endometrium and are contained in semen prostaglandins affecting blood vessels.
  • Contribute to the preparation of some women more vivid sensations. This is due to moisture and good vaginal its greater sensitivity. There is blood flow to the genitals, vagina swells and narrows.

Arguments against sex during menstruation

The main argument that holds many from having sex during menstruation, is the risk to women and to some extent men’s health. Indeed, there is some risk, but it does not regard all of the fair sex. In general, to limit sexual activity during menstruation can only reluctance partners or feeling unwell woman.Modern medicine says that for healthy women menstruation is not a contraindication to sexual relations, subject to the relevant rules of hygiene by both partners. That’s what risks should be taken into account:

  • The menstruation the cervix is reopened and becomes easily accessible for the penetration infections, increased risk of various inflammations. During sex in the womb can fall flora from the external genitalia and the perineum. A favorable outcome is possible, if a woman has a good immunity and has no cervical abnormalities. Particularly at risk of women with chronic inflammatory diseases (eg, erosion of the cervix).
  • When the contents of unprotected sex with vaginal blood flow can get into the urethra of the partner channel and cause discomfort or even inflammation.
  • Sex during menstruation can trigger the development of a woman endometritis (inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus), as pathogens can get from the vagina through the open cervix into the uterus. It should be noted that endometriosis can develop without sexual relations.
  • In some cases, menstruation may last. This is due to the fact that the local blood supply may increase when excited genitals. When propensity to bleed discharge can be resumed, even if previously stopped.
  • There is a small, but the chance of pregnancy. In some cases, ovulation may occur during menstruation, immediately after or twice during one cycle. Moreover, the sperm are able to survive in the female body 3 to 7 days, fertilization can occur. To avoid this, it is necessary to use contraception even during menstruation.

Basic rules and recommendations

Most doctors believe that sex during menstruation does not create any problems with the necessary hygienic requirements. Even during the “critical days” can make sex enjoyable and safe in all respects.


  • Use a barrier method of contraception. This condom can prevent the onset of an unwanted pregnancy and to protect the man from getting an infection, but female sex organs is still at risk for microbial penetration. Particularly careful when having sex during menstruation to be new partners, as well as those who have the disease, sexually transmitted diseases. Menstrual blood medium is an excellent field for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microbes.
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for a time the most abundant secretions in women (usually the first 2-3 days of menstruation). Prolonged sexual intercourse with deep penetration can cause increased bleeding. Moreover, it is important to take into account aesthetic point. At the beginning or end of menstruation reason for refraining significantly less.
  • Immediately prior to sexual contact and immediately after both partners should be very careful to hold the toilet genitals.
  • Be creative to the choice of a place for sex. Bath or shower diversify feelings and help in keeping clean. If, however, the choice has stopped on the bed, place a few towels and leave the hand wipes.

Not recommended:

  • Have sex during menstruation women with gynecological diseases (bacterial vaginosis, recurrent coleitis, thrush, etc.).
  • Perform irrigation treatments when there are monthly. At first glance it seems that it can purify you before intercourse, but even treatments are terminated at the time of menstruation. Antibacterial agents (solutions for irrigation) completely washed out of the vagina not only pathogenic, but also the normal flora. The natural flora is disturbed.
  • Practice during menstruation posture, promoting deep penetration. The best option – a classic “missionary” position, in which the man is on top. In this position, release the woman will not be as strong, will increase the probability of maintain maximum cleanliness.
  • Engage during menstruation anal sex. High risk of getting E. coli from the rectum to the genitals and the vagina. This can cause the development of the inflammatory process.

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