As a woman affects the success of the men?

How does appearance As a woman affects the success of the men?

Every woman wants to see next to a successful man, but that’s not everyone understands that it is often it affects whether a man reaches its career and personal heights or not. Judge Tatyana Novgorodtseva tells how a woman affects the success of the men, citing good examples.
As a woman affects the success of the men?

Understanding how to behave and how not to, it is best to come at us when we see before our eyes a vivid example. Therefore, it is an example I will show you how the success of a man depends on the woman.

I have a girlfriend Kate. It is the top manager in the famous American food company. A couple of years ago, she divorced her husband Nicholas, in her opinion, the biggest loser and bedonostsem. Divorced – and thank God. Because all five years of their marriage, Kate complained to me on the Kohl almost every day. She painted the details of his gloomy disposition, was blamed for carelessness in the home, careless attitude to their promises and excessive love for alcohol … But the main claim was Katie to his complete inability to make money. It should be noted that the first Kohl tried very hard. He honestly was looking for challenging work, but came out somehow crookedly, one job was replaced by another, as luck would have less promising, and in the intervals between the dismissal and enrollment Kohl not really in a hurry again something to do and a lot of time spent on the couch. When a friend advised Kate to get a divorce, it is always pronounced the sad phrase: “Well, I will divorce him on that he will live?”, And her husband continued to be a kind of psychological blackmailer , pressing on the most sensitive “This is such a need, in addition to he of course? “. But Katya’s cup of patience is still broke. It happened on the day when Nicholas broke their brand new car and, despite the fact that the culprit of the accident was not recognized, and the insurance covered all expenses for repair, Kate terribly angry and filed for divorce.

Now Katya lives alone. There is still a lot of work. And hopes ever did meet her Prince.

But what is her ex-husband?

Surprisingly, Nick did not die without Katie! Moreover, a couple of months, he met a girl Olga, whom he married in six months. This fact Katya first ignored. But she was surprised when their mutual friends told her that her “failure” on your wedding day gave his bride … car! In addition, it turned out that his new wife – a housewife, and he ensures their family – the most worthless Kolya! And they have a child will soon!

Here Katya thought seriously. She first came to me with no complaints at all and all, with the question: “What did I do wrong?”

The fact that a woman affects the success of the men, no doubt. But what should be a woman, so that she could positively influence on her husband?

The fact is that when a man is alone, his life does not need so much. One-bedroom apartments and unpretentious vehicle for bachelor life is enough. But what happens when his life enters a true woman?

The woman – the energy and emotion, it is dreams and desires. The man that energy feeds and controls. And women are different. There are those, like Kate, who can not be energy. They aspire to control everything and everyone. Including their men. They are jealous of “lamp post” control, trying to establish a family exclusively its own rules. And the most foolish – this is where they compete with their husbands, arguing that they do not “miss”. Such women usually do not know how to ask her man no help, nor, God forbid, about the gifts! They think that it is somehow humiliate their dignity. And often, in an attempt to avoid this “humiliation”, they begin to degrade themselves: to criticize her husband, telling him taunt, reproach him for broken promises. Thus, they create the image of her husband as a failure and unworthy of love. The husband a wife, at first resists this state of affairs, but at some point, when a woman does not give up positions, it becomes easier to give up and withdraw into himself, but would not feel this endless dissatisfaction. It is with such wives of men begin to drink more than convince their wives in the belief that “it is useless character.”

Of course, it’s not that these women were initially angry and they lack love. The problem is that in their behavior they are guided by fear and distrust of men . And most likely, they do not know it, because often such an attitude nurtured in childhood, in families where parents teach their daughter “self-reliance”, “no one could depend,” not to ask not to appear mercantile, or not to be due. All of these settings cause the woman into adulthood is so afraid of losing control of the situation, it is deprived of its main female abilities – experience emotions and give them to the man: loud to enjoy his good deeds, to speak words of love, tenderly hugging him at the meeting. Instead, they boast of their “iron will and independence.”

So whether full independence and toughness so very useful traits for a woman? Apparently, no.

In Nicholas’s Facebook recently appeared photos. In the photo, he and Olga are on the banks of the Moskva River at sunset. The text under the photo began as follows: “Yesterday, we admired the sunset …”. I caught myself thinking that I had never seen Katya delighted, but often listened to the stories of her heroic financial injections into another breach of the family budget.

A woman should enter into a man’s life bright, emotional swirl and saturate his life the feelings that his life was not yet! And if a man has something does not work, this woman will not seek to help him money because she knows for sure – it and so do it! It will certainly inform him about it, embracing tenderly. And yet she fearlessly tell him about their dreams and desires, be it on new shoes or a large country house. When a man realizes that believe in him, he will feel a fearless hero who rescues his princess and curtail mountains for the sake of her happiness! And then, having received the long-awaited self-esteem and status, conquer new career peaks for such men would only a matter of time.

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