Women’s shoes – a weapon against sexism

April officers march in red shoes held in the city, where they arrived for training on protection against chemical and nuclear weapons. What kind of shoes worn by men in the spring of 2015? Everyone remembered the march of military officers in women's shoes with heels through the streets of the American city of Fort

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Points can transform the appearance dramatically. In order to correctly pick accessory, it is necessary to clearly know your face type. Women's Sunglasses presents in shops in the most different variations, making the beautiful half of humanity is easy to get lost when you select your model. General guidelines that should be followed by selecting

Wedding Clutch: for good luck

Wedding dresses are quite luxurious and very modest. It all depends on the preferences of the bride, her mood, and material possibilities of the perfect wedding. But one will meet ladies who hold any style. Whatever the dress, accessories he needed. Without them it is impossible to imagine a dress, and the impression they immediately

The perfect wedding dress – what is it?

What kind of wedding dress can be called perfect? This question is asked myself a lot of brides, there is a problem faced by the choice of wedding dress. Many silhouettes, long or short dresses, original custom designs, bright additions - great many variants, but exactly what will suit your figure type and appearance -