Use of candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy

What better use of candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

This unpleasant disease bothers many women during childbearing. Often, its manifestations are so strong that to do without of drugs does not. Do not help any diet or folk remedies. The situation is alarming. But the need for drugs scare pregnant. Fearing harm to your child, they will not hesitate to use the drug. Are their fears justified? Are there any effective and safe use of candles from hemorrhoids for pregnant women?

Features disease

Hemorrhoids – a disease that develops due to abnormal enlargement and inflammation of hemorrhoidal veins. In the rectum there are upper and lower hemorrhoidal vein. Upper located under the mucous membrane of the rectum, and the bottom – under the skin in the anal area.

Unlike other veins, hemorrhoids have a valve which would impede movement of blood in the opposite direction. This anatomical feature promotes stagnation, varicose veins and hemorrhoids appearance. Insufficient blood flow exerts pressure on the walls of the veins, forcing them to grow abnormally. Hemorrhoids are formed in areas of maximum stretching of the vessel walls. Due to the appearance they are called cones.

Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external depending on whether they are formed in what veins. External nodes do not cause pain, but may itch and cause unpleasant burning sensations. Through mikroranki formed as a result of friction on a rigid or poor-quality toilet paper linen in hemorrhoids fall pathogens. The infection causes inflammation, thereby becoming painful defecation. Swollen nodes can sometimes bleed.

Internal nodes hurt more often. Their mucous membrane constantly injured during a bowel movement, especially if solid stools. In this case, anal bleeding occurs. Bleeding is slight or intense enough. After such an injury defecation for a long time may be accompanied by severe pain and bleeding.

Due to the constant injury internal components more easily infected. If a strong inflammation of the nodes can swell and block the vein. This phenomenon causes unbearable pain and fever. Man loses efficiency and is forced to lie.

When there is free draining, feces does not injure the vein walls, decreases the voltage at the nodes and symptoms of the disease subside. But if solid stools and defecation performed strained, aggravated the disease. Persistent constipation and straining during bowel movements lead to slipping of the internal components to the output of the rectum and hair loss.

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Changes that occur in the female body during pregnancy, contribute to the development of hemorrhoids.

Many women for the first time faced with this disease is at the time of childbearing. Each subsequent pregnancy only reinforces its manifestations.

Relaxation and expansion of the venous wall during pregnancy is carried out particularly active due to the action of the hormone progesterone, which is produced in this period, in large quantities. In addition, during the childbearing load on the veins is magnified because of the significant increase in the volume of blood circulating in the body.

The situation is exacerbated by the pressure of the growing uterus on blood vessels. When a pregnant woman lying on her back, the uterus compresses the inferior vena cava. The inferior vena cava drained blood from the lower extremities, the uterus and the pelvic organs. Peredavlennaya hollow Vienna can not contain the required amount of blood, and congestion in the pelvic organs are enhanced.

During pregnancy the walls stretching can be increased up to 150% of the initial level. If a woman has previously showed signs of hemorrhoids, its status can be quite heavy.

How can we treat hemorrhoids pregnant

Candles from hemorrhoids for pregnant women should be effective and safe for the fetus. It is recommended to start treatment immediately after the first signs. Then it will be possible to cure the disease or stop its progression, prevent the development of complications.

The most suitable dosage form for pregnant women are candles. Rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids are pregnant cone or cylinder with tapered end. They are introduced into the anus.

At room temperature, solid candles and they melt in the rectum. Hardness candles facilitates its use. Biologically active substances of the melted drug is uniformly coated with the mucous membrane of the rectum and act directly on the disease site.

The advantage of such dosage forms is the lack of negative impact of pharmaceutical compounds on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. By providing an effective topical treatment, the drug does not harm the baby.

Store in the refrigerator better cure. Use refrigerated preparation will be easier. Enter a candle need to cool your hands to prevent her premature melting.

Before the procedure, you need to take a cool shower, and anal muscles to relax as much as possible. It is not allowed to force the introduction of the drug, so as not to injure the wall thinning of the mucous membrane of the rectum. The candle should enter easily and without going through the sphincter, to be in the ampoule of the rectum. The drug is administered carefully, but quickly enough.

After administration of the drug is necessary to lie down for half an hour, to a biologically active substance sucked safely. The best time to use candles – before going to bed, after using the toilet and hygienic procedures.

Candles for hemorrhoids act as an analgesic, relieve swelling, inflammation and itching. They help to eliminate flatulence and prevent constipation. What is desirable to use candles with hemorrhoids for pregnant women?

The drug with sea buckthorn

During pregnancy it is better to use drugs, active ingredients which have a vegetable origin. Well established buckthorn candles from hemorrhoids.

Seabuckthorn has antimicrobial properties and stimulates the regeneration of tissues. Its bioactive substances inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and other pathogens, causing hemorrhoids.

Sea buckthorn candles quickly heal damaged tissues and regenerate the intestinal mucosa. The medicine softens the stool and does not allow them to injure the intestinal mucosa. Free emptying eases tension of the walls of veins and hemorrhoids nodes.

The drug lowers histamine, which causes an increase of hemorrhoids by expanding vessels triggers and enhances the inflammatory process.

Sea buckthorn use of candles enhance local immunity and relieve swelling of hemorrhoids. Regular their use often leads to a complete cure of the disease.

Sea buckthorn use of candles in the treatment of hemorrhoids give excellent results even in advanced cases where surgery seems inevitable. However, they are perfectly safe for a pregnant woman and the fetus.

Use of Candles with ihtiola

Ichthyol is the product of processing of minerals. It has long been used in medicine for the treatment of many diseases. It contains sulfur, which is destructive influences many pathogens. This is an excellent disinfectant.

Rectal ihtiolovye candles gently relieve inflammation in the rectum and promote healing of damaged mucosal tissue. They eliminate stress in hemorrhoids, reduce pain and ease the woman’s condition.

The drug has the effect of venous whereby vein walls become stronger. Ihtiolovaya candles normalize blood flow in the affected tissues. Their effect is enhanced by the regular use due to the accumulation of benefits.

The product is non-toxic and approved for use for pregnant women. In rare cases, there may be an allergic reaction to Ichthyol. After the drug is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly.

Use of Candles with propolis

This product of beekeeping has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties, tonic effect on the blood vessels and the ability to improve circulation. It perfectly removes stagnation and effectively reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Use of Candles with propolis perfectly safe for pregnant and do not have a negative impact on the child. They will help women get rid of hemorrhoids. Propolis is successfully fighting pathogens, and infection does not spread to healthy tissues.

Soaked in the rectal mucosa, the biologically active substances of propolis have a regenerative effect and heal fissures anus. Use of Candles with propolis quickly relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, and can cure the disease in a few days.

Propolis, as the other bee products, and sometimes causes allergic reactions.

Hemorrhoid treatment in pregnant women should be implemented after consultation with the doctor and under his supervision.


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