Methods of treatment of androgenetic alopecia

Current Methods of treatment of androgenetic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia affects millions of people around the world, representing the result of improper influence of male sex hormones in the hair follicles. Treatment of androgenic alopecia – the problem is serious. The main thing – do not despair, because modern methods help many to cope with an unpleasant illness.

Mechanisms of development of androgenetic alopecia

Most often, androgenic alopecia (hereinafter – AA) in men developed since school years, and women no earlier than 25 years (often after pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause). And although it is still completely unknown to science, the reasons for which there is androgenic alopecia, but collected an impressive database. At least the fact that the main causes in this case are heredity and seborrhea (the latter – as a stimulating factor).

Altogether 1/6 1/8 men and women manifests AA and 30, whereas in the 50 years it suffers half of men and women quarter and after 70 years – 4/5 of the male population and 40% female. Baldness is caused by a genetic tendency to turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as a person growing up. This is a more active form of the hormone suppresses the development of hair follicles, but not interfering with normal total of male hormones in the blood. For your information, they also have women as the female hormones in a small number of men, because of AA affected both sexes.

Mostly hair loss occurs in the upper part of the head, more susceptible to a form of the hormone aforesaid above. In men, it can progress to the anterior temporal regions and further to the rear, to the neck. Socially and women have the same circuit pattern baldness.

Androgenic hair loss in women is usually also from the top, but more precisely with the median line of parting the hair and not in the form of circular or horseshoe-shaped hearth, in both men. Can this be accompanied by the appearance of hair on the face or the body, most often after menopause. At the same background, and perhaps for the same reasons may develop oily seborrhea, ovarian cysts, acne, menstrual irregularities. In general, the main causes of balding in women are reduced to the following factors:

  • increased sensitivity to DHT receptors of the hair follicles;
  • increased fermentation metabolism of sex hormones;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • some other factors that accelerate disease development, including the environment, stress and so on.

Etiology and clinical androgenic alopecia

Factors contributing to the development of AA (both women and men), include:

  • endocrine diseases (eg, adrenal or pituitary hormone production control all other glands), liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract;
  • decreased ability to handle stress due to vegetative or neuropsychiatric disorders;
  • disturbances of fermentation substances in skin tissues involved in feeding the hair follicles;
  • Insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids required for growth of hair (due to starvation or digestive disorders);
  • inflammation of the scalp;
  • the abuse of antidepressants, hormones, steroids and some antibiotics.

Many do not know that dandruff is not always the cause of AA, but may be the result of its development, a warning sign that should be urgently addressed her hair. Dry and brittle hair should guard no less.

It is often an effect of fading hair, lose their color saturation. Most often, after this phase dandruff gradually disappears, but develops oily seborrhea, which many still wrongly perceived as dandruff. The hair becomes thin, lifeless, often lighter. They no longer shine because of health, but because caked with grease.

To get rid of the AA, you must first conduct a series of diagnostic tests that can determine exactly what the cause of the disease contributed to then eliminate the provocation. Then apply pharmaceutical and other impacts.

Contrary to traditional healers, alternative methods for the treatment of hormonal disorders above mentioned little help, though they can have a powerful effect supports.

Treatment of androgenic alopecia

For one of the useful substances with AA include minoxidil. The pharmacy can be found in the form of drugs, the composition of which it is part, as the title of their often more. For example, “Rogaine”, “Regeyn” or “Hedvey” is available as a lotion or foam. A special feature is the ability of the drug to the elongation phase of hair growth. After sleep at bedtime and it should be applied to the scalp. Do not be afraid that in the first 4-6 months the hair starts to fall out even faster. Then there are new areas of alopecia, and a year after the start of treatment, hair may become thicker to 14-25%. This is particularly evident in those who started treatment no later than 10 years after the first signs of AA, and baldness center has not exceeded 10 cm.

Finasteride – the second matter, the positive effect of which has been experimentally proved. It is known for the ability to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into a more aggressive effect on hair follicles form. Once a day it should take 1 mg. The result is stunning. Almost all sufferers AA stop hair fall out, and after 2 years of hair growth can already recover. Incidentally, this same agent is effective in prostate hyperplasia in men. A androgenic hair loss in women can stop another means – Diane-35.

From natural resources expressed overwhelming influence of the development of AA have:

  • gamma-linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty attributable to acid), which can be found in blackcurrant, borage and evening primrose;
  • jojoba oil, avocado and palmetto (rubbed into the skin and are used in other procedures tricology);
  • vitamin B6 and zinc-containing preparations and products (including the latest – beef, chicken hearts, acne, pine nuts, wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, dried yeast, as well as the absolute record holder and a powerful natural aphrodisiac – oysters).

Of the non-specific treatment measures can be distinguished cosmetic procedures and physiotherapy orientation:

  • galvanic peeling;
  • masks used for therapeutic effects;
  • ultraphono and iontophoresis;
  • mesotherapy treatments (carried out using mezorollera);
  • Vacuum and hand massage;
  • microcurrent therapy.

As extreme measures (or as fast as possible, but very expensive) can be applied methods of transplantation of hair follicles or hair implanted artificially synthesized.


Men and women have the same causes androgenic alopecia, a small difference can consist only in the treatment methods.

Nevertheless, the treatment requires patience, financial investment and professional approach on the part of the specialist.

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