How dangerous hemorrhoids in women, and what are its consequences?

The consequences of hemorrhoids in women are fraught with great danger a threat to their health

Breathing progress and development of civilization associated with it, allowed the man to beat in the development of all known species on our planet. However, the modern world, in addition to various benefits and simplifications offered modernization, bears also a lot of negative factors affecting human life.

Foremost among such effects are specific diseases, resulting from changes in the rhythm of life and lack of activity. A similar ailments is hemorrhoids, since he is most prevalent in the civilized world.

The development of hemorrhoids and the factors contributing to its occurrence

Hemorrhoids is a quite specific disease, with the development of inflammation in the anal area. It equally affects both male half of the population of our planet, and the female part. In this case it is for a woman he can carry the most devastating consequences that can significantly complicate her life and affect overall health. This illness has many negative manifestations, which can greatly complicate the life of the person and give him some discomfort.

As a result of certain factors in the anus are formed a kind of plaque that contribute to the inflammatory process. The reasons for the emergence of the disease can be set.

However, the greatest influence on a person the following factors:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • different diets;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • sedentary work;
  • the state of stress;
  • excessive body weight.

Any of the above factors can serve as a catalyst for the formation of disease. The totality of the few of them significantly accelerates the occurrence of hemorrhoids and contributes to its spread.

Primary symptoms of hemorrhoids and the need for its timely treatment

Primary symptoms of hemorrhoids is the formation of a certain discomfort that occurs in the early stages of the disease. At first these sensations are transient and are accompanied by a slight discomfort. However, ignoring this condition, and the neglect of the disease can lead to its spread. This, in turn, has a much more pronounced effects. That is why the primary symptoms of the disease and require attention, followed by a timely response.

Excessive attempts resulting from constipation, result in injury to the tissues forming the anus. As a result of this process are formed primary symptoms of the disease, which are as follows:

  • discomfort;
  • burning sensation, or tingling;
  • minor bleeding;
  • swelling;
  • mucus;
  • unpleasant smell.

All of these factors represent only primary symptoms of hemorrhoids and best characterize the degree of progression. Typically, the initial stages of the disease, caused by a slight trauma to the anal opening, carry only minor consequences. Ignoring these signs can contribute to the further development of the disease.

Move it to a more complex stage is fraught with the emergence of quite pronounced symptoms, has a serious impact on a woman’s body. That is why early intervention and treatment for medical help is the key factor that allows to quickly and effectively neutralize the disease, as well as to ensure the full human recovery.

The consequences of hemorrhoids in women running stage and their characteristics

How dangerous hemorrhoids in women? Further progression of the disease provoked by the influence of the above factors and human inaction, leading to its transition to a more advanced stage, accompanied by a rather serious consequences. In the process of its development permanently unhealed cracks turn into completely different state and take on the form of original plaques covering the entrance to the anus.

Further progression of the disease and its reinforcement can lead to proliferation of hemorrhoids and their loss from the anus. As a result of this process is hampered considerably the motor activity of man, because every wrong move is accompanied by severe pain radiating to the anus area. Among the most dangerous consequences of hemorrhoids are the following status and possible diseases:

  • thrombosis of hemorrhoids;
  • paraproktit;
  • the formation of polyps.

Each of these conditions is fraught with a threat to women’s health and is accompanied by a whole set of adverse manifestations that can significantly complicate the life of man.

Thrombosis hemorrhoids is dangerous because it leads to disruption of blood circulation in the pelvis. As a result of this process occurs in certain disorders of tissues and organs located in it, which, in turn, triggers the formation of various pathological and inflammatory processes. This fact carries the greatest risk. Moreover, thrombosis and subsequent inflammation of the nodes accompanied by severe pain and a sharp specific smell.

Paraproctitis is another possible outcome of the development of cracks and inflammation that accompanies them. As a result, a permanent non-healing lesions and bacterial propagation medium is festering, affecting the entire rectum and surrounding tissue. Such a development has clear symptoms, is the strong sensations of pain and the presence of purulent discharge from the anus, and requires long-term and complex treatment.

Go hemorrhoids polyps into a state does not carry such a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, like previous versions of the disease. At the same time the formation of such a state may cause requalification plaques in cancerous tumors. That this development is the most severe and occurs when prolonged disregard of the manifestations of the disease.

Conclusion Related

Hemorrhoids is a fairly specific illness arising from certain lifestyle. Its development can greatly complicate the life of man. In particular, its effects are devastating on the female body. From this it follows that you must start to treat illness directly on the initial stages of its progression.

This will allow early action to neutralize the disease and save a woman from his manifestations.

Ignoring the early stages of the disease can lead to serious health problems and significantly impair human health.

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