These Letters Between Ted Williams And Rosa Parks Provide A Wealth Of Insight Into The Struggle For Civil Rights And Hitting Lots Of Dingers

Although they came from two very different walks of life, Rosa Parks and Ted Williams both shared the distinction of being among the most iconic and celebrated figures of the 20th century. The pair struck up an unlikely correspondence in the summer of 1956, at a time when both Parks and Williams were making national headlines—Parks for her involvement in the Montgomery bus boycotts and Williams for his dominant hitting campaign with the Boston Red Sox. The letters below reveal two American legends opening up to one another at the peak of their fame, providing an extraordinary glimpse into their respective struggles, triumphs, and outlooks during a pivotal moment in U.S. history.

June 15, 1956

June 24, 1956

July 2, 1956

July 13, 1956

July 21, 1956

July 29, 1956

August 10, 1956

August 22, 1956

August 31, 1956

September 8, 1956

September 17, 1956

September 25, 1956

October 3, 1956

October 15, 1956

Wow! What a fascinating look into the lives of two American greats!