Let’s Rock: Ideas of Rocks and Flowers in your yard and a Rock Garden

Let’s Rock: Device Rocks and Flowers in your yard and a Rock Garden


Landscape Design services – an expensive service of rock garden on the plot. But it wants to see in his summer cottage near the house or something unusual, pleasing look and causing a secret envy of her friends. But even more reason to be proud – to tell them that this beauty created by the hands.


On any plot expressive element will be the alpine slide.

An exquisite combination of the severity of natural stone garden and tenderness touchingly fragile plants bring to the idea of the inviolability of the Earth and the constant celebration of life on it. What you need to create a harmony of stone garden and life as to make alpine hill with their hands, it will be discussed in this article.


  • What you need to create a rock garden?
  • So, we begin …
  • Pit and drainage
  • The process of mountain formation
  • What grows in the Alps?

What you need to create a rock garden?

First of all, of course – the inspiration. After all creative work is impossible without it. And if something has to be done without inspiration, and the result is appropriate – the banality and vulgarity.

Also need inspiration natural stone. Fragments of different sizes with protruding corners and sharp edges can be purchased at the quarry, where they make the rubble or in DIY stores. If possible, stones should look at the steep banks of the river or ravine on the slopes of highways .. Well, if there are real close to the mountains, hills or hill. On their slopes you can find many rock fragments of various shapes and at the same time learn from nature ideas for combinations of stones and plants.

It is better if stones are one color and one or two or three close in mind the rocks, as is the case in these mountains. For alpine slides fit different shades of gray granite, sandstone gray-yellowish color. You can choose to combine the reddish granite stones with the same color field stone. These shades will blend in green plants and yellow, orange and red, purple and violet flowers. Refined look and plants with reddish or purple foliage, colorful fruits.

So, we begin …

We must start with the selection of places in the area. It would be better to look natural relief. Then you will need only emphasize the difference heights in the course of work and decorate the slopes. But even on a flat section of a table, you can create a rocky mountain landscape. This requires effort and time, but the aesthetic pleasure of seeing the result will override fatigue and lost several weeks.

The construction site should be well lit, open and accessible to contemplation. It is necessary to determine the future and the size of slides in order to achieve harmony with the natural elements of the garden. You may have to hold the stone and tile, new track for a better view slides from all sides and provide access to the gazebo, which will now have to get to bypass.

The place was chosen. Then it’s up to the planning and marking territory. The initial plan is necessary to create on paper. Here and work for inspiration – to present in detail and put into the mountains and valleys below that previously existed only in unformed dreams. And then mark the selected area.

Pit and drainage

Pit will need for the device of the foundation of future slides. Its depth depends on the size and height of the rock garden. The greater the mass of earth and stones filled up, the stronger the base will have to do for her, so that after the first winter rock garden does not become a featureless mound. You do not have to dig too deep. Suffice meter deep pit in the most difficult case.

Dug a pit filled with drainage material. If the site is under construction house or outbuildings, made big repair the inevitable horrific amount of construction waste pit for the alpine hill will help solve the problem of its removal. All pieces of concrete and bricks, sand, gravel, glass perfectly fill the pit. Top to fill the pit is not necessary to drain the material.

As to the brim will be approximately 30 cm to place the drainage layer of fine gravel, CBC or a major river sand. Align and ram it, put the top layer of fertile soil with the addition of peat (30%) and small gravel (30%). Form a hill under the plan.

They say even after the creation of the demiurge of the world rested. A week or two will have to give to shrink and seal the base of the alpine hill. At this time, you can catch your breath.

The process of mountain formation

To lay the stones on the alpine hill, there is one important rule: in the base should be large, massive stones. The higher, the more they are smaller. Large stones on the edges of the earthen pile should be dug half to make it seem that they were exposed over time. Symmetry and geometry should be forgotten – in nature is not equally fallen stones.

Then comes the turn of medium stones. Placing them is necessary so that between them and the stones of the first tier were places filled with earth. There will be planted plants. Average stones and place randomly, taking into account only their own imagination and easy accessibility earth pockets to care for flowers and shrubs in order to be able to freely reach any point of the rock garden. So there are man-made mountains.

What grows in the Alps?

Selection of plants for rock garden provides two main options: perennial grass and trees and shrubs and all kinds of annuals. In the flower shops you can buy different colors of the young – their fleshy rosettes among the bare stones decorate the hill immediately after landing. In the first year is to sow the seeds, to plant seedlings of biennial and perennial herbs and flowers. In autumn, in September-October to plant tulip bulbs and melancholic. Then the man-made miracle please the eyes of the next year in the early spring.

To alpine garden pleasing to the eye soon after the construction of the first year, most plants will make it summer and autumn Flowering species – purslane, Iberis, alyssum, eschscholzia, nasturtiums and dwarf marigolds and asters. They are sown directly into the ground in May, and the earliest of them begin to bloom within a month after sowing, others take the baton later. You can buy in the shops ready for planting seedlings of annuals blooming flowers.

Dwarf conifers are harmoniously fit into the rocky landscape, and their delicate branches are green and after frost. It is necessary to select those breeds that spend the winter in good conditions offered to them. After all, winter winds and thawing can reduce the layer of snow or completely expose the sublime landscape of the area where the plants will have to spend the winter. In central Russia are going through a good winter dwarf arborvitae, pine and spruce, junipers.

To give a natural mossy stones must be found in damp and shady places cushions of moss green velvet. This moss is necessary to carefully rub your hands and mix with the soil and water to a rather thin gruel. She put on the north that is out of the sun surface of the stones, the ground under them. Likewise come with lichen – colored scaly patches it easy to see on different surfaces.

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