Interesting Lake Houses

I have a little something different to talk about with you today. It isn’ t a DIY, however it is all about houses.

On Mother’ s Day time, the weather was so fine in South Carolina that Male impotence and I spent the day on the lake. We took the picnic lunch out on the particular boat and just went touring around the lake, slowing down to check out nature and a closer take a look at many waterfront houses that will line the lake.   It is one of my favorite hobbies, not only to enjoy being outside on the lake, but to get some ideas and inspiration about what I can do to the outside of my house.

I have always loved taking a look at houses since I was a small kid when my mom might gather the family for a trip in the family station truck to go on as she utilized to call them “ a dream drive”.   She do this when she required ideas and sometimes only a reason to get out of the house. Many of these “ fantasy drives” wound up at the local ice cream location which my siblings and am enjoyed even more.

A Few Unique Houses at the Lake

River Murray is a big river, not as big as one of the Excellent Lakes, but a pretty large lake with about six hundred miles of shoreline. The particular eastern part of the lake is extremely developed and the western areas, rural. It has been in existence considering that 1930.

We get to see a wide variety of houses. Each one is inspiring.   Many of the homes around the lake are usual homes you would see in a suburban neighborhood.

I thought I would show you several that really stand out to me – some are right close to my house and others are at the distance. I give most of them names just for fun. We sometimes like to travel simply by car to see what the road side of the houses appear like, too.   Not to become nosy, just to get color plus style inspiration.   In case you are a house lover, then I understand you understand this.: -)

Houses upon Lake Murray

This house is out in the big part of the lake. I actually call it the “ Lake Cuomo Villa”.

Because it looks like it would be on a postcard sent from a vacation consumed in Italy.

I call this particular house the “ Turn House”.   The name has nothing to do with the home, but when we are out on the best section of the lake it really is our navigational point about where we need to turn northward to get to our part of the river.

This home was recently renovated.

It sits away further than any house upon Lake Murray.   It really is on its own point of property with big water sights on all 3 edges.   I call it the particular “ Location… Location… Location house. ”

This one is definitely an older home that rests out on a point of drinking water, too.   I actually fulfilled the owner at a fund-raiser to get a nearby Opera House.

She told me it is often in her family to get generations. It is small, however the water views are massive.

Lake Houses

I possess shown you this home before. It is “ my favorite house on the lake” house. I really like it because I love both architecture of the house itself as well as the fact…

… that it sits out on stage lot all by itself….. dreamy!   It even includes a boathouse. Not many houses in the lake have them.

The “ Plantation House”.

Trees right across the shore are owned from the power company that manages the particular lake. You can’ capital t remove them as they want to maintain the shore line natural.   If you do remove them you get a large fine. You can have the braches removed to open a watch, but the trees have to remain.   These look like they may be dead or dying.   To add a dock, you should get permission first as well as the power company has to approve your own plans before you build.

This small home is near mine. It really is old, but well-cared intended for.

It has huge water views. If they actually sold this land, I am certain someone would tear this particular house down and create a big huge house in the place. It would make me just a little sad as I like the “ old lake” feel that the home adds to the lake and around area.

River Houses in My Hood

As I mentioned River Murray is a large river that incorporates different cities and counties around this. Some of the towns are more created while many are very rural. I actually live right in-between both.   It is a rural region, but you can see houses rising all the time.

Like here that was just built. We are guessing that someone bought and will be moving in soon. It offers a wonderful water view.

Lake home view

I actually watched it being made from my house that is across the drinking water from it. See it in the distance… the house on the farthest still left?   They cut down trees and shrubs to build it. It is a fairly house, but does not have any kind of shade which will make it one particular hot house in the summer weeks.

This is another of my favorite houses. Not really too big with a classic existence and huge water sights. The land far over the water from it is a condition park that will never become developed.   I call it up the “ Swimming Hole House” since the water is definitely deep in front of it plus out of the way of boat visitors. When we are out on the particular boat and want to go swimming, this really is one of many places we proceed.

You can you know what I call this house… ” The Azure Roof House”.  

This one is merely the  “ white-colored house” that  stands out against the woodsy history.

This home I call the  “ Littlest House over the Lake”.     It is more like an angling shack and has probably already been on the lake for decades .  

Literally right around the contour of land from the “ littlest house”   sits the precise opposite… one of the largest homes on the lake.

club med house

I call it up “ Membership Med”.     I assume to the left of the major house where the roof range is lower, is a guest home.   When I am on my  Mirage New moon, I can obtain close and can see every detail of the architecture and that there exists a pool in the front at the rear of the low wall.

Here is what it looks like in the street side.   Club Med, right?

Right across from the “ Club Med” house will be the “ Hill House” that is probably just as big .

This looks much smaller from the road side, but you can see why We call it the “ Mountain House”.  

There are numerous other styles of houses throughout the lake, quite a few are red-colored brick.

Or even charming smaller homes…

… set one of the trees.

This particular house we actually looked over when searching for houses two plus half years ago. It has an excellent water view, but simply didn’ t feel directly to us.

Virtually every house has a dock, a few with boat lifts.

So many houses, every one of them loved and cared for along with owners…

… who love living for the shores of a lake just as much as I do.

Would you like going for dream drives within towns around you to get tips and inspiration for your house? Have you done any of the suggestions you saw on your generate to your own home?

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