Child’s room for two boys

Design Solutions for Child’s room for two boys

It so happens that the parents do not pay enough attention to arrangement of a child’s room. Motivated by this variety of reasons: lack of money to the usual laziness. But childhood – this is a great time to fabulous games, fun and joy. And what the child will be interesting to live in a featureless room with gray wallpaper? What miracle can happen in this room? Therefore, never be afraid to experiment and fill colors the lives of their children. It’s so important for them.

Making children’s room – one of the biggest challenges in creating the interior of the apartment. And if you want to arrange a room for two boys who differ not only by age but also by passions, the decision becomes even more difficult. How to plan the interior of a child’s room, to suit the requirements of psychologists, designers, and even the children themselves? Let’s try to find an optimal solution together.


  • How to choose the color scheme?
  • room Zoning
  • Where do we sleep? Selecting beds
  • Furniture in the interior of child

How to choose the color scheme?

The main thing is try not to make out the interior of the premises, paying tribute to today’s fashion. Take the basis of your fantasy boys, their hobbies and interests. As a result, you get a cozy and comfortable children’s room, and the planet will be two happy little boys anymore. The color scheme – it’s the first thing you should pay attention to choosing the interior for a child’s room. Color is very important for children because they react to it differently than adults. The smaller the child, the more bright colors attract him.

Of course, we should not forget that with age, the color preferences of children are changing. Therefore, do not leave the interior of a child’s room unchanged for too long. What colors like our boys? Let’s try to understand.

  • For preschool children suit bathroom with a dominant red color;
  • From 7 to 11 years and raptures cause orange, green or yellow color;
  • After 12 years of age for boys is suitable room in shades of blue;
  • Rooms Designed for teens can be issued in purple and other dark colors.

Choosing color combinations, try to find the so-called middle ground. Do not need a lot of bright colors – from their child will be tired, even if those shades and the most favorite. Excess dark colors will oppress the child. But too bright room – it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing for boys. It is best to choose soothing colors that are close to each other in tone.

Making interior nursery, parents often prefer themed design dedicated to a fairy tale or a favorite cartoon boys. Yes it’s beautiful. But we should not forget the fact that children grow quickly, and in a year or two of such clearance will be for them may already be outdated.

If you do decide to apply the “fabulous” design, selected as the decorative elements posters, stickers, curtains, bed linen and blankets. And the walls, floor and ceiling make neutral colors. Then you will be able to quickly replace one topic to another, simply pick up new items.

room Zoning

Mom of two boys know how difficult it is to reconcile them. Guys can not share absolutely everything from toys to a shelf in the closet. To litter between children as small as possible, it is desirable to divide the room into two private areas. Designate each by using a particular color. Or just arrange the furniture on both sides of the room. The main thing – to give a child to understand that he has his own space in the world.

But to divide the playing area is not necessarily better take the children enough space to spend time together. Of course, if there are vacant square meters for each child to make a separate play area is not difficult. But it can lead to the fact that the boys will no longer spend time together and separated from each other.

Generally, the interior nursery complex is just the fact that it is necessary to take into account the interests of the two personalities. It must therefore be a common area, which will unite children. And she does not need to be playing. Perhaps there is a place in the room to create a sports bracket – this option is very appropriate for the two boys. Importantly do not forget, if you zoned room by using different colors, then the total area must be present both of these colors. Or you can make it a new tone, which is suitable for both guys.

The boyish child a lot of toys. And by the end of the day, all these treasures are everywhere, just in the wrong place. In order to help children learn to clean their stuff, you can make a separate section for storing personal belongings. Divide can not only shelves for clothes, but also storage space for small things: pencils, CDs, clay, paints and colored paper. To the children knew exactly what belongs to whom, all things can be designated a favorite color of each of them.

By the way, psychologists do not recommend zoned color space by more than 50 percent. If colored walls in the room, the floor covering should be monotonous and vice versa. The original solution is a multi-colored design of windows – when every shade has a different hue.

Where do we sleep? Selecting beds

In the interior of a child’s room Zoning affects very much. But what if the very few square meters? In this case, the total area can make a sleeping area. Bunk bed is suitable for this purpose perfectly. Just keep in mind that in a room with a ceiling height lower than 2.5 meters, it is recommended not to sleep on the second floor – the child will be very hot.

And another important point: the baby sleeping on the first floor, can experience psychological pressure brothers, sleeping on the floor above. To avoid this, psychologists recommend to have the children play-sharing. After a certain number of days residents must change floors. Some manufacturers of children’s furniture has listened to the advice of psychologists and let the bed with a little displacement of the second floor. This design negates the possible psychological pressure.

If the size of the apartment is all right, you can treat children and choose a bed in a favorite toy: rockets, cars or submarines. If you purchase a crib in the final version you think is too expensive, you can use your imagination, paint and skillful father’s hands. Such an approach will turn the head of any bed into a racing car or in remote control aircraft.

Furniture in the interior of child

When selecting furniture for the children’s room in the first place should pay attention to the material from which it is made. Eco-friendly furniture is considered to be made of wood: oak, beech or pine. The last option is the most short-lived, as much shaken. But if you pick up an interior for a child up to two years, the pine fit perfectly. It is inexpensive, and the child will grow up much earlier than the time to put furniture of any damage.

The most budget option is considered to furniture made of particleboard, MDF and plywood. But her life is relatively small. Before you opt for a particular furniture, read the certificate on it. Notice how it is safe: if there is in it the sharp corners and edges, glass inserts. Undesirable for a child’s room projecting parts and metal fittings. The furniture should be as stable as possible and be sure to match the age and growth of the child.

It is understood that the two boys would be difficult to choose the right furniture appropriate to both, but to find a compromise is always possible. The most important thing in creating a unique design of a child’s room – is, in what mood you approach this process. Insert in the interior of the room all my love to the children, then it is sure to be comfortable and cozy in the world created for them.

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