Wedding Clutch: for good luck

Wedding dresses are quite luxurious and very modest. It all depends on the preferences of the bride, her mood, and material possibilities of the perfect wedding or for good luck. But one will meet ladies who hold any style. Whatever the dress, accessories he needed. Without them it is impossible to imagine a dress, and the impression they immediately changed, giving even the most modest alongside unique charm and flair.

Even if the bride chooses to wear jeans, buy cheap ugg boots, and marry on the beach, as is customary at the exalted Hollywood stars, wedding handbag still she needs. And the majority of girls from childhood dreams of a magnificent dress and veil without it not to manage. Bride Handbag must be tiny and in any case not packed to capacity. It is bad form, so if you need a lot of things, ask mom or vilify them witness. The best option wedding handbags – bag- Clutch, buy it easily, a large assortment, and often it may suggest themselves bridal salons, along with gloves, veil and other accessories directly to your dress.

Most brides will bag pastel colors. It should not stand out against the background of a wedding dress of bright and contrasting, although some brave ladies are trying to choose a handbag. In this case, gloves, jewelry and shoes should still be in quiet tones. Refuse bags with a large metallic accessories: it aggravates the handbag as real and visually, and it is quite unnecessary for the fragile and air image of the bride.

What did not offer boutiques and online stores: rubber boots , pink and heart, bags of straw and bright cloth … Still, if you want to use a wedding handbag more than once, try to give up too trendy and topical options: more often, they go out of fashion very soon, perhaps in the next season, and eventually evening bag you pick up a couple of times.Ideal for practical bride – evening bag from classic materials, velvet, suede, lace, because the classic remains valid from year to year.

Ton bag should follow the tone of the wedding dress, if you decide not to carry out a bold experiment in the style of the area. If it is something decorated, it would be nice to decorate on the bag and on the wedding dress match. There are also quite expensive, but smart universal clutch purses made of metal, up to gold and silver threads. They have only two disadvantages – high price and heavy. Can you carry this jewel in his hand all day? Not everyone can answer this question in the affirmative.

Generally the weight of bags – a question to which you need to decide in advance. After all, you do not want your wedding celebration was overshadowed by the discomfort, fatigue and irritability! Therefore, choosing a handbag, try to put everything you need at the wedding, and weigh on the arm. If this is not comfortable to wear, as is customary with the classic clutches, clasping his hand, you can choose a comfortable option with a strap that you can hang on your wrist.

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