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Points can transform the appearance dramatically. In order to correctly pick accessory, it is necessary to clearly know your face type. Women’s Sunglasses presents in shops in the most different variations, making the beautiful half of humanity is easy to get lost when you select your model.

General guidelines that should be followed by selecting “your” accessory

  • try to recover not duplicate the shape of your face. Otherwise, only the disadvantages will stand out more;
  • bezel, repeats the shape of the eye sockets, will not disturb the main proportions of the face;
  • sitting high points lengthen the nose and low-set make it a little shorter;
  • colors should not conflict with your tsvetotip.

Typical facial features and how to adjust

Women's Sunglasses SUNDERSON

Type “oval”

Right face with harmonious features. The chin is slightly narrower. People with oval face can be free in their choice of accessories, because the type is a classic and versatile. It is recommended to experiment with the big glasses and thin frame, they have recently become very fashionable.

Type “triangle”

A wide forehead and narrow chin – these are the characteristic features of this type. Avoid sharp angles that emphasize the sharpness of features. Big glasses, too, will face disproportionate, visually expanding the area of ??the temples. Solid “no” form of a butterfly and a firm “yes” sun protection accessories oval.

For the facial features of an inverted triangle (heavy jaw and narrow forehead), on the contrary we need big glasses that make the upper part of the face to “work”, stressing it. Well suited butterfly shape.

Type “circle”

Nearly children, soft features, face diameter of the horizontal and vertical approximately equal. Such a person requires more elegance and finesse. With this task cope glasses “cat’s eye”. Beautifully will look goggles, the upper part of which is more massive than the bottom due to the rim. Good looks and square shapes. Insidiously behave round glasses, in which the face will look swollen, so from such models have to give up once and for all.

Type “square”

Square faces look hard, since the width of the chin is the cheeks and forehead. Points without sharp angles with smooth lines and simple design – the best choice. Rectangular shape, exactly like the small size of the glasses will look non-winning, exaggerating large features.

Under this type often picked men sunglasses.

Type “heart”

The shape of the face resembles a heart. Narrow chin is often too sharp. Look for asymmetrical points (lower rim slightly wider than the top), this trick will narrow forehead. The simpler the design – the better. And no elongated angles.

Typecasting «diamond»

The outstanding part – the cheekbones. In fact, this is more an advantage than a disadvantage, so it is not necessary to camouflage. Good sunglasses will suit the shape close to an oval, as well as models with elongated vertical form. Perfect choice – glasses “aviators.” If you want to buy sunglasses in Kiev: http://sunochki.ua/ , Moscow, Minsk, and any other large cities, it is advisable to seek the services of a stylist, because in the big cities they are very accessible financially.

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