The perfect wedding dress – what is it?

Choose Perfect wedding dress for your body type


What kind of wedding dress can be called perfect? This question is asked myself a lot of brides, there is a problem faced by the choice of wedding dress. Many silhouettes, long or short dresses, original custom designs, bright additions – great many variants, but exactly what will suit your figure type and appearance – that is the real problem. To better prepare for the purchase, you should think over all, and at least roughly determine the popular style, can help in this salon “Mary Truffle” in Moscow .

Silhouette “Princess” and ball gowns 

Luxury Wedding Dresses can be of two types: the ball and cut “Princess.” Both options include a long full skirt of tulle and elegant, embroidered with sequins, lace and sequined corset. The ball – literally corset reduces the waist several times, as it once did, and ladies of honor. This is a very good choice if you suffer from extra kilos: utyanet corset waist and full skirt hides full hips. The downside of this style is its complexity in a design if we take into account the duration of the ceremony, the hold in such close quarters is not everyone’s strength. As for the “A-line”, there corset is made much easier, there is a tie, all free and easy to remove. The presence of arms and every bride strapless chooses at its discretion.

Silhouette “Mermaid”

You are the owner of a graceful, slender waist, and your forms are the envy of many? Croy “Mermaid” – exactly what you need. The feature of this dress is that it fits the waist and hips, making it sexy and at the same time romantic image. His will appreciate and groom, and a lot of guests who know a lot about fashion.

Silhouette of the “Empire”

Style “Empire” – the choice of girls who do not want a pompous ceremony, and who appreciate the simplicity and ease throughout. Externally, the style of “Empire” resembles the Greek apparel women can be straps or without them, but the main thing – a skirt with a high waist. A special feature, which often emphasize the designers in this style, a belt or strap that accentuate the chest line. Her decorate with rhinestones, embroidery and various beads, depending on the wishes of the bride.

Direct classical dress

Straight cut has always been in fashion and probably will remain at the peak of popularity for many years. There’s nothing like simplicity, but such simplicity does not all match. Lush girls straight leg can spoil the whole picture, as will allocate extra kilos and unwanted wrinkles on the abdomen.

Choose a color option or stick to the traditional white, to give preference to an extraordinary, short dress or to stay on the classic – the choice is yours, as long as you like, and you were happy.

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