Fashion trends for stylish girls:A complete guide 2017

Fashion trends for stylish girls, collections Spring 2017 is the brightness of the colors, juicy shades



The main trend in fashion collections Spring 2017 is the brightness of the colors, juicy shades. There will be popular the following colors: rich shades of yellow and orange, bright blue and bright green colors, colorful pink and red shades. However, a riot of colors does not end there. Fashionable will not only bright-colored patterns, as well, and quite unexpected combinations of bright colors in one outfit. You must be ready for bold experiments to choose the most inimitable and unique combination of colors, patterns, which will emphasize your individuality. However, in their search for fashion needs to be extremely careful, because vulgarity and hype when the combination of various colors are not welcome.

Spring-Summer 2013 pleases us with a riot of colors, it is still relevant and classic colors. Dark fitted jacket is recommended to wear with short trousers of bright cloth. I love the things in the “Chanel” style? You will definitely need to buy direct line just below the hip jacket and skirt style Godet or a long skirt with a wide frill. Solid outfits recommend to dilute the original elements and accessories. For example, it may be a narrow leather strap, fringe or lace, satin gold or silver.

Pleased fashion collections and a return to the past, the designers of the most remembered HYIP tendencies. Another novelty of the spring season will be unjustly forgotten overalls and shorts free cut with intricate prints.

The establishment of such models is important to choose the right colors, it has not turned a failed combination. In this case, you should remember the basic rule – every element of the image should be monochrome. An exception is the fabric with a striking print. Such material may be used to create one piece.

The spring season will be very relevant skirts and dresses with uneven bottom edges, for example, with “angles”, or oval. It is the fashion trend of the season Spring 2013. These trends can be observed in the spring-summer collection of designer from St. Petersburg Svetlana Zotova. Her collection is called “Basic Instinct.” Designer produces women’s clothing trade brand «S & S by S.Zotova». Trendy collection of the designer can satisfy any taste. And buy things from the St. Petersburg designer, please visit . By the way, it has already begun wholesale spring collection.

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