This Bride's Wedding Dress Landed Her in Vogue, but Wait Till You See What the Bridesmaids Wore

It’s not every day all of us peel our eyes far from a stunning wedding outfit to “ooh” and “ahh” over what the bridesmaids used, but looking at photos through Annabelle Caufman Soudavar plus Maximilian Moehlmann’s big day, that may be exactly what happened. While the bride’s classic Carolina Herrera has been no doubt breathtaking — particularly when the lacy, fitted amount was paired with a lengthy, dramatic veil — your new chance not to be alone who stood by the girl side wore different flower dresses, a fun, trendy option that simply made all of us swoon.

Annabelle wanted it this way, even though. “I had asked they all select their own gowns with the direction that they ought to be pale, romantic, and flower, ” she told Vogue , which usually covered the chic Eastern Hampton wedding . “I wanted everyone’s individual design to come through, and for my buddies to feel beautiful plus like themselves. ”

The choice definitely paid back in the end: everyone looked therefore stylish, we’re starting to desire we were in that wedding party! Scroll through for more views associated with Annabelle’s gown, then take a look at what the bridesmaids — which includes fashion influencer Hannah Bronfman — wore.