These Are the Only No-Show Socks That Don't Slip Off My Feet After Walking For 2.5 Seconds

White sneakers are seen, during London Fashion Week Men's June 2018 on June 09, 2018 in London, England.

Even though my closet is stacked with boots, sandals, and more, sneakers will always reign supreme in my book. I usually opt for low white sneakers, which look best with no socks, but honestly, my feet are just too sweaty for that. I have to wear socks. I spent years wearing no-show pairs that slipped off my heel within just seconds of walking, then ended up bunched up near my toes in just another few minutes. That all changed when a coworker recommended these Vans Super No Show Socks ($18) to me.

Her main selling point was that the back of the sock has a cluster of rubber gel cushions that help stick to your feet. I immediately said, “Umm, no thanks!”, thinking it sounded like my nightmare of sock discomfort. She insisted that I should trust her and give it a try. Since she is one of my favorite fashion girls to swap tips with, I did, and thank goodness, because they are totally life changing.

I now own upwards of 20 pairs and they’re the only ones I wear. The scary gel cushions were anything but, just a secure comfort pad on the back. What makes them so sturdy is the lining around the edges. They are tight enough to latch onto your foot without feeling like they’re cutting off your circulation. They’re so comfy, I even wear them with gym shoes to workout classes. They come in an array of colors and sizes for men, women, and even children. Now, do yourself a favor and get your own pair (or 20!).