Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Taylor Swift's “J” Necklace – You Know the One

Taylor Swift has been notoriously private about her romance with boyfriend Joe Alwyn , but it seems like she is getting more comfortable showing her love for him — at least through fashion. For months now, it seems every time we see a new photo or video of the singer, she’s wearing a silver Tiffany & Co. pendant necklace engraved with the letter “J. ” The songstress even references wearing the sentimental piece in her song “Call It What You Want” with the lyrics “I want to wear his initial/On a chain round my neck/chain round my neck/Not because he owns me/But ’cause he really knows me. ”

Since putting it on over a year ago, Taylor has worn the versatile design with practically everything. Besides sporting it in numerous Instagram snaps, she also wore the necklace when she acted as a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding and even when she was hiking with her beau . Read through to admire her favorite piece of jewelry and buy her exact initial necklace, as well as similar styles.