Increase bust without surgery easily

How to Increase bust without surgery easily

How to enlarge breasts without surgery, many people are interested in today’s girls, aspiring to be attractive, striving to achieve the ideal form of all parts of the body. If one of us has generously endowed nature, then over another sometimes has to work himself, putting in this effort is not enough. Tighten and firm breasts beautiful shape – is the subject of women’s pride and an object of admiration of men.

It is not necessary to think, of course, that men are primarily interested in the chest, but its importance should not be underestimated, because it is an important component of an attractive female figure. Elastic form, even if small, guarantee attention of the opposite sex, but the main thing – is the female self-esteem, which will undoubtedly be higher when a woman sees and knows that she is irresistible.


  • Natural tightened chest – it is fashionable!
  • Breast augmentation in the process of meditation
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • The increase in volume by physical exertion
  • Training in the gym
  • Breast augmentation with massage
  • The hardware method and preparations

Natural tightened chest – it is fashionable!

Some of the girls on the nature of the small size of the breast, so some of them, trying to figure and seductive appearance, dare to go under the surgeon’s knife. To date, surgery, including plastic, has reached unprecedented heights but reached the same heights and the prices for these services, and the risks associated with them. There are cases when the girl, trying to improve him self as a result experienced a bitter disappointment, not having received the expected result.

Some time later after the breast surgery can be asymmetrical, not take the form that promised the surgeons and the patient wanted. There have been precedents when silicone implants were rejected by the body, there is a severe allergic reaction and had to remove them by doing a second operation. This article answers the question of how to enlarge breasts without surgery.

To breast increased, there are many proven methods.

There are entire systems and complexes of various physical exercises aimed at strengthening and developing the pectoral muscles, the regular performance of which always gives a positive trend. The result, of course, not be the same as in its inflated silicone typically varies increasing from 3.5 to 5 cm, but these changes will be of natural origin. There is a technique of breast augmentation through meditation.

Both are a big plus, given that now the fashion included the cult of natural and natural beauty, at least makeup, natural hair color, refusal to build and silicone. It became fashionable to follow the right diet and attend gyms or just work on improving their home body. Click to enlarge their breasts, to make it supple and taut help gradually painted technique and tips.

Breast augmentation in the process of meditation

Breast enlargement without surgery is possible to achieve if the master of meditation techniques. This is a difficult process, it is necessary to learn gradually and stock up with patience. The benefits of meditation for the body proved doctors have long enough, there are significant improvements in the functioning of the nervous, immune, digestive system, improves sleep and anxiety go away. There is a clinically tested method through which you can enlarge your breasts without the intervention of the surgeon. Gradual application of this method will help you learn to control your body, causing breast growth, namely breast, of which it is composed.

An explanation of how to enlarge breasts without surgery with the help of meditation, is as follows. When meditation is allocated hormone responsible for breast growth. The hypnotic trance is activated by the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the circulation of blood and fluids, temperature and body weight within the set parameters. The hypothalamus releases neurotransmitters that stimulate the pituitary gland, which, in turn, promotes the production of growth hormone.

In adolescence, this hormone is released, and the mammary glands increased, this process was in the “memory” of the body, only the process, but not the parameters that are reached at the chest rise. Therefore, this memory can “revive” through meditation, entering into a state of trance and stimulating hormone production.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. To enter into a state of absolute rest, you do not have anybody to interfere, otherwise it will be impossible to focus, because we are talking about the power of thought. It is necessary to meditate in a place where you can be alone with him in the room where they will not distract the noise situation, the temperature there should be as comfortable as possible. Meditation can be seated, taking the lotus position, with the back straight, but the body and the muscles relaxed.Hands decided to keep his hands up to the flow of your energy to circulate. You can meditate while lying on a hard surface or just on the floor, using a special mat. This leg should be together, arms close to the body, palms up, under the neck, you can put a small cushion.
  2. Get rid of all the thoughts that you might disturb. This stage of meditation Some come to study for a long time, but the result is stunning. And each time there is a desire to improve this ability. All other thoughts will only detract from the desired result visualization and stop focusing on it. Some time clearly visualize your mind as a pure white sheet on which you want to draw what you want.
  3. It is necessary to cause a rush of blood to the breast, imagining the warmth fills your body, then his chest, heartbeat quickens, and the breathing should be smooth and quiet. Breathe in deeply through your nose. We need to see in your imagination, both growing breasts, increasing in volume, and the more real you will learn how to present its growth and feelings associated with it, the greater will be the result.Visualize the image of the breast is very clear, if you were looking at her in the mirror from all sides, touch, wiggle it, try as possible to securely attach this image to life in mind.
  4. Exit from this state, opened his eyes slowly. For some time you need to be in a state of tranquility and not to shoot down the correct breathing. Then, even after leaving the state of meditation you will experience a feeling of warmth and tingling in the chest. This is the result. You have to understand that at the first session, you likely will not notice any changes, but over time, when you learn how to do it right, feel your body and manage your thoughts, it will have an effect.We must not stop lessons, motivate yourself by what you strive for. It is important not only visualization during meditation, but also confidence in the reality of the result, which want to achieve.

The increase in volume by physical exertion

Because the breast is composed of mammary glands, fat and connective tissue, then pump it into the gym to the desired size you can not. But it is possible to pull up, make it more flexible and attractive. Working to strengthen the pectoral muscles, which are located at the bottom of the ore cells can visually enlarge the breasts, lifting her.

Exercise will help avoid ugly sagging breasts, which with age are not insured even holders of lush forms too. There are several sets of exercises aimed at maintaining and improving the appearance and health of the breast that can be performed not only on special training in the gym, but also at home in familiar surroundings. You should perform 2-3 sets for three times a week, and the result will not take long.

  1. clenching handsThis exercise should be done in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, and keep your hands in front of him at chest level. Put palms together, and on the count of three strongly push their bases against each other, while holding a hand position for at least 5 seconds, then slowly lower the arms. Repeat 10 times is necessary.
  2. bracingIn the same position, wherein the gripping hands, and interlock with the fingers try to force spread them apart. Keep hands in this position for 5 seconds, then slowly lower them. Repeat the exercise 10 times need.
  3. Dips in the supine positionThis exercise is taken from yoga, it works fine, strengthening the pectoral muscles. Lie down on your stomach, pulling the feet and toes, hands, place your palms on the floor while bending at the elbows so that his hands remained at shoulder level. Transfer your weight onto his hands and slowly lift the upper body, looking at the ceiling. In this position, the hips should slightly lift off the floor, you will rely only on the hands and toes. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then sank to the floor. Exercise should be repeated 10 times.
  4. WallThis exercise should be performed while standing near a wall. It should rest against the wall of a wide grip, his arms, and press on it with force. Hold the position for 15 seconds, do 10 reps.
  5. Push upsThis exercise is given especially difficult for beginners, it is necessary to perform properly, then there will be a noticeable result. Push-ups correctly should be based only on the feet and hands, keeping the body straight. But you can start, and leaning on his knees. You must do 15 reps.
  6. Dumbbells 

    Dumbbells should be taken with a weight of 0.5 to 2 kg, depending on your physical fitness. Lie down on your back, raise your arms perpendicular to the floor and plant in hand. Do 15 reps, alternating standing with exercise in the state. But it is necessary to raise his hands in front of you until they are parallel to the floor.

Training in the gym

Very effective set of exercises performed in the gym, increased the volume of the chest muscles to everyone who faithfully and correctly executed it. The gym is the main place where to do it – it’s the simulator Cheast-press, which with the help of the weight bench swing pectoral muscles and arm muscles. The important point is that doing in the gym, performing static exercises, you need a special sports bra, especially if you want to pull up the chest. This underwear is sold in specialized sports stores. To choose a training bra with strong support, and for running, dancing or yoga to stay on the middle support.

In addition to the classes in the hall at the gym, the perfect workout for all muscle groups, including infants, will be swimming lessons. Workouts in the pool, you can start with two or three heats, then usually increase the number to five. Especially developed muscles under the breast, arm, and at the exit you get a neckline that you will be proud of.

Breast augmentation with massage

There are several effective techniques of breast massage to increase it. The fact is that during the massage stimulation occurs breast, blood flows to the breast, and, in the case of meditation production of growth hormone occurs. In addition, regular massage the breast significantly reduced the risk of her tumor, the skin is tightened, the breast becomes firmer.

Very useful for water massage. To do this, you must send a jet shower in the chest and make circular movements. It should be alternated with warm water cold with intervals of 5-10 seconds, to finish it is necessary to douche of cold water. Contrast shower – the best assistant in the fight for the elasticity of the skin, to get rid of spider veins, stretch marks and sagging. massage should last at least 5 minutes. It is very important not to do too strong jet to avoid injury to the breast, and to give up too much hot water, because it contributes to the weakening of the connective tissue.

Sitting in the bath, you can perform massage hands. To do this, gently lather your hands and perform a circular motion in a clockwise or counter-clockwise. Then, stroking the chest upwards. Avoid nipple area and follow the stroking for about 5 minutes. Perform this massage can also use the cream for breast enhancement.

The hardware method and preparations

Pharmacies sell a variety of gels and creams to help with the increase in breast volume. It contains phytoestrogens, accelerate metabolism and blood flow to the breast. But to use such creams should be regularly since effect of the volume is kept only in this case. Before use, apply a small amount of the cream on a small area of the skin and leave for a couple of hours. This kind of test for allergies, as the breast skin is very sensitive. On many forums also provide “smart” tips, which states that iodine mesh or mustard will help increase the bust. It is not, you will only get irritated and burned skin.

Very popular among women who want to enlarge breasts, hardware method. It is practiced in almost all beauty salons. Special vacuum cups, worn on the chest, stimulate blood flow and a strong increase in the chest, which lasts about a month. The procedure is absolutely painless, even enjoyable, useful when you want to show off a perfect cleavage at a party. Vacuum massage makes the breast more taut and lifts it.

There is a great variety of hormone pills containing estrogen, which stimulates breast growth. The drug is very effective, its action is directed to the fact that the female figure regained feminine features curvaceous. But prescribe such a drug you should be a doctor after you pass all the tests, including hormones, because the side effects can have serious consequences.

To have a beautiful natural breasts, you just make an effort and work on your body, and you will get not only tightened the elastic bust, but also burn calories and strengthen the other muscles of the body.

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