Jacquet Face massage, The real benefits: A complete guide 2017

Jacquet Face massage,Benefits, Method and how it works: The complete guide

There are several methods of performing therapeutic face massage. And one of them is a method of face massage for Jacquet. It has developed a French dermatologist Jacquet (1860-1914). Massage by Jacquet stabilizes blood circulation, resolves purulent lesions, and normalizes metabolism. That is, this massage is used as a resolving agent for various skin diseases.

Jacquet face massage technique is also aimed at the normalization of the sebaceous glands of the skin and improve microcirculation. Massage by Jacquet performed on the face, back, thighs, breasts . Massage by Jacquet – a technique that is applied without applying creams or oils, but with the use of talc, which is sprinkled with a small amount of skin.

Therapeutic massage Jacquet is usually carried out more intensively than cosmetic. This type of massage is used to solve problems such as poor circulation, excessive secretion of sebum and acne treatment.

Technique of massage

In massage Jacquet Methodology for quite difficult to perform. This method consists in the rhythmic tingle that made the thumb and forefinger, which is done during the seizure of the skin areas. Such seizures great impact on the surface layer of the skin and deeper layers – the subcutaneous tissue. It is necessary that such tingling were strong enough. That is, the pads of your index finger and thumb grip the skin at in all its thickness in the area to be treated, and then the quick and short movements squeeze it in all directions and thus bypass the entire surface to be treated. Typically, the contents of which is squeezed out of the eel, like curd or spiral rod with a black head, which is a greasy cap, which is heavily polluted by dust, settling on the skin. Tweaks must alternate with vibration and light strokes. If the skin is dominated by festering acne, then massage Jacquet is contraindicated. When the massage technique for Jacques it is necessary to remember the directions of skin lines. Such movement leads to stimulation of normal blood flow and activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby they prevent excessively increased sebum secretion, which is usually the cause of acne.

This technique of massage gives you the opportunity to work on those layers of the skin, which do not fall under the influence of the usual massage (in which there is a massing of the surface layers of the skin).

Schedule of massages

Massages medical Jacquet first few days should be made on a daily basis, then the frequency of procedures should gradually decrease and reach no more than two – three treatments per week. A session of massage should last no more than ten minutes. Longer duration is strictly prohibited. And in order to help you achieve optimal results, you need to be sure to spend at least ten sessions. This is the number of sessions helps to ensure a high quality result. Of course, you can do this massage and a little longer than ten procedures. Quite often massage Jacquet is used after a cosmetic procedure such as skin cleansing, because it contributes to its rapid recovery and healing. Keep in mind that this procedure can be trusted to do just experienced, because of the technique of massage is quite complicated and necessarily requires skill and expertise.

Face massage

Face massage Jacquet is usually applied to younger women who suffer from oily seborrhea skin with acne, spots and stagnant infiltration, as well as if the tone of facial muscles is significantly reduced. The massage face Jacquet, as well as on other body parts, applied pre talc. The duration of this procedure, approximately five to six minutes. In total, twenty procedures conducted at intervals two or three times a week. It is best to carry out this procedure each face cleansing, in which the skin is treated with a solution of two percent salicylic alcohol. Facial massage consists of three kinds of movements (stroking, kneading, vibration). The difference from other types of facial cosmetic massage is in the nature of kneading movements (deep and plucked instruments that allow the fat to squeeze out).

Indications for therapeutic massage Jacquet:

  • acne, scarring of skin a coarse skin
  • acne is inflammation stage
  • a coarse skin

Progress massages Jacquet:

  • First comes the cleansing
  • Then he massages with means for your skin type
  • At the end of the final cream

Home Care for problem skin:

  • primarily as a skin cleansing;
  • further narrowing mask for anti-inflammatory, wound healing;
  • at the end of the cream for oily and oily skin;

Contraindications for facial massage Jacquet:

  • pustular rash
  • the presence of virus or exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • allergies and dermatitis
  • any violation of the integrity of skin
  • strongly expressed rosacea (spider veins or mesh)
  • acute inflammation of the facial nerve
  • male pattern of body hair in women (hirsutism);
  • flat warts

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