Month: February 2017

Increase bust without surgery easily

Content: Natural tightened chest - it is fashionable! Breast augmentation in the process of meditation Step-by-step instruction The increase in volume by physical exertion Training in the gym Breast augmentation with massage The hardware method and preparations How to enlarge breasts without surgery, many people are interested in today's girls, aspiring to be attractive, striving

Glasses for vision correction: what to choose?

Content: Glass or plastic - which is better? Types of spectacle lenses Is determined by the type of person Pick up points on hair color General rules for the selection of points Points represent the optical device correcting vision. They consist of frames and eyeglass lenses. When asked how to choose the right glasses, you

Child’s room for two boys

Content: How to choose the color scheme? room Zoning Where do we sleep? Selecting beds Furniture in the interior of child It so happens that the parents do not pay enough attention to arrangement of a child's room. Motivated by this variety of reasons: lack of money to the usual laziness. But childhood - this

Recipes soup potato: A complete recipe 2017

Content: Recipes kartofelynogo soup Indian Potato soup in Moldovan Soup in a Siberian dinner recipe in Italian dinner recipe in Czech with the addition of leeks Recipe soup in Romanian with corn Lunch in Versailles Recipes kartofelynogo soup more Cuban Potato soup is probably the most affordable option hearty and tasty meal. The main ingredient

Can I have sex during menstruation?

Content: Constraints and stimulating factors Arguments in favor of sex during menstruation Arguments against sex during menstruation Basic rules and recommendations The attitude to sex during menstruation in a modern progressive society varies widely. Nowadays, sex during menstruation can not be held virtually no risk to healthy and armed Knowledge monogamous pairs. Long ago women

How can you survive a divorce?

Content: Experiences with which to cope How to get rid of negative emotions For people who lived together, making plans for the future, and established a joint life, the separation becomes a serious challenge. If the relationship is no longer bring joy and satisfaction of spouses, they decide to start a new life apart from

How to spend the strengthening of yogurt hair

Hair Strengthening yogurt - one of the most inexpensive and effective beauty treatments. Kefir Mask for hair perfectly restore and nourish the hair, make them strong and elastic, return natural shine and luxurious radiance. Benefits of kefir hair due to the unique composition of fermented milk product. It contains a large amount of dairy protein,

Methods of treatment of androgenetic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia affects millions of people around the world, representing the result of improper influence of male sex hormones in the hair follicles. Treatment of androgenic alopecia - the problem is serious. The main thing - do not despair, because modern methods help many to cope with an unpleasant illness. Mechanisms of development of androgenetic